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Services and Capabilities

The Pierotti Corp portfolio includes both commercial and government contracts. This means that we understand the unique demands of both privately and publicly funded projects, and are adept at overcoming the challenges our clients face. From tight budgets and deadlines to short lead times and architectural or structural challenges, our team works with you to ensure that every project is a success in every way.

We have experience with both new construction and renovation of K-12 schools, government buildings, and commercial projects. Being a full-service firm means that our expert team is ready to support you from concept through completion, working together to build your vision.

Government Buildings

Government projects often require a special process that differs from private commercial builds, and Pierotti Corp. has the experience necessary to ensure demands are met from start to finish. We work with municipalities and government agencies to ensure the complete scope of the project is delivered including deadlines, schedule and extensive coordination efforts required, while controlling budgets. We understand the importance of putting tax dollars to good use, and we do our part to ensure we provide quality and value.

K-12 School Buildings

The Pierotti Corp team has extensive experience in building and renovation for K-12 schools. ​Projects have included extensive interior renovations, additions and new building construction from gymnasium, auditoriums and fitness centers to security upgrades, new kitchens and classrooms. Our projects have often included mechanical and electrical upgrades, and asbestos abatement.
At Pierotti Corp, we know safety is a top priority when it comes to schools, and we are proud to be a part of the team that makes K-12 buildings safer and healthier, while still functional and exquisite, ensuring students and teachers can enjoy their time there and keep the focus on education.

Commercial Buildings

Pierotti Corp realizes that commercial construction is an important and sizeable investment, so we approach these projects as if we were the owners. Being full-service doesn’t mean a full price tag. What it does mean is that we can walk you through the process of a new build or renovation from start to finish. We ask questions, communicate, and keep the project moving, because time is money. We work with our client’s vision, timeline and budget to deliver a final product of which we can all be proud.

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